Quick Tip! Canva: Online Drag and Drop Graphic Design

I’ve recently found a tool that could be incredibly useful for people who don’t have or, don’t know how to use Photoshop! Although I do… I gave it a try with my new site header. They also have all sorts of templates for basically any type of document or image including; Twitch , Twitter, Facebook…

Ed Builds a PC Part 2

It’s been a while since my last flurry of posts and actually putting this site together but I’ve finally found madeĀ time to write some new content and actually use the PC I was so thrilled to write about in the first place. It’s been over three months since I received all of the parts to…

Buying Overwatch by Playing World of Warcraft

I’ve been a player of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft on and off since it’s release all the way back in 2004. The latest edition, Legion, has been one of the most enjoyable expansions to date and there’s an incredible amount of things to try out. WoW is now just one of a number of Blizzard…

Ed Builds a PC Part 1

So I’ve decided to build myself a budget gaming PC! A lot of research and Ā£ later, I’m ready to begin. Here’s how I’m getting on.

Hacksaw Ridge

“Have you ever looked into a goat’s eyes?”
“No Sarge”
“Good. That would be unnatural.”


Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim and Aurora, passengers on a space flight to Holmstead, a colonisation on a different planet 120 years from Earth.

Route Planning With a Chance of Pizza TMGR 2015

We had yet another pizza and map session this time with our colleges over from ‘Three Fists in’ who are another team taking part this year. It’s safe to say that lists were made and pizza ordered! Then not a lot happened really until we were all so full we didn’t know what was going…

She Lives! TMGR 2015

Tada here’s one interior we made earlier before the show started! It still needs a bit of touch up work with new bulbs and sun visors (the old ones just keep flopping down) and definitely a hoover at some point as the carpet nothing less than a garden at the moment! With the majority of…

A New Car Means New Jobs TMGR 2015

Its only taken two days with two snapped drill bits but in the end it was a hammer, hacksaw and prybar job.. But that’s one new ignition switch installed!! Now for the interior to be lovingly put back together so it can be horribly destroyed later on with muddy boots and spilt coffee. The still…