A New Car Means New Jobs TMGR 2015

Its only taken two days with two snapped drill bits but in the end it was a hammer, hacksaw and prybar job.. But that’s one new ignition switch installed!!


Now for the interior to be lovingly put back together so it can be horribly destroyed later on with muddy boots and spilt coffee.


The still to do list is currently rather long but here goes…

– Fit interior

– Cam belt

– Water pump change

– Possibility of a head gasket while we’re at it

– Alternator belt

– Either fit duel charge system or a higher rated alternator

– Coolant change

– Oil change

– Filter change

– Replace offside headlight

– Fit spotlights

– Fit fog lights

– Design and make a new roof rack

– Design and make sump guard fronting

– Re tyre all wheels and check rims

– Check underside for possible rust and fix it

– Check breaks

– Check exhaust

– Possibly design and make a snorkel to aid with travelling through dust

– Check wheel bearings

– Change bulbs

– Replace wiper blades

– Choke cable

– Possibly throttle cable

– Possibly clutch cable

– Remove and clean carburettor

– Replace sun visors to prevent flopping

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