She Lives! TMGR 2015

Tada here’s one interior we made earlier before the show started! It still needs a bit of touch up work with new bulbs and sun visors (the old ones just keep flopping down) and definitely a hoover at some point as the carpet nothing less than a garden at the moment!


With the majority of the interior now done i felt comfortable to see what she could do and if she’d even move… with the moral support of another panda she slowly left the safety of the panda reserve into the wild of the farm…


She made it safely back to the reserve without killing herself which is a massive bonus and nothing fell off either. The even better news is that everything works as it should.

– The 4×4 system engages and more importantly disengages.

– The breaks work, poorly due to rusty disks and old pads but they work.

– None of the wheel bearings sound like they are too bad but they still need a checkup.

– The clutch feels ok for a car that’s been sitting around for 8 year not moving

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