Route Planning With a Chance of Pizza TMGR 2015

We had yet another pizza and map session this time with our colleges over from ‘Three Fists in’ who are another team taking part this year.

It’s safe to say that lists were made and pizza ordered! Then not a lot happened really until we were all so full we didn’t know what was going on anymore.

But we struggled on through our 1st world
problems of wrong pizza’s being ordered or not enough tea for our liking and ripped out all of the pins from the map swearing that we would do it right this time!


Ta daa our first and only country list is here!

– Start from home

– London (Obviously)

– France

– Belgium

– Germany

– Czech Republic

– Slovakia/Austria (really we just want to hit Bratislava)

– Hungry

– Romania

– Bulgaria

– Turkey

– Armenia

– Azerbaijan

Here we get a choice either we take the slightly more regular ferry/container ship to Turkmenistan or the less regular one straight to Kazakhstan.

– Through Kazakhstan

– Into Russia to border hop

– Mongolia

– Back into russia for the finish at Ulan-Ude and the long drive back

– Belarus

– Poland

– Germany (again)

– Netherlands

– Home possibly unless we’ve got time and money to spare then I’m not too sure where we’ll end up!

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