Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim and Aurora, passengers on a space flight to Holmstead,  a colonisation on a different planet 120 years from Earth. According to the hologram crew of the ship, Earth is too expensive and crowded. Holmstead is the opportunity to start something new. This is exactly why Jim chose to go, being a mechanic. “I can build my own house and live in it”.  Jim wakes up alone on the ship far too early, 90 years earlier than planned, and after a year of loneliness and several arcade style dance offs makes the difficult decision to wake up another passenger, Aurora.
I enjoyed this film. I liked Jim battling with an awful decision, spend the rest of his life alone, or doom someone to the same fate as him. It makes you think about what you would do in his situation. I think I would do the same thing, but make sure the robot bartender doesn’t spill the beans.
There were a few points I didn’t like about the film;
  • There were no replacement hibernation pods at all?! Seems so irresponsible, not being able to contact any human at all. Someone should have been around in case everything went wrong. If Jim hadn’t accidently woken up, all 5000+ passengers would have died.
  • Aurora going from saying that Jim  had murdered her to deciding all was forgiven so suddenly,  I know they had a near death experience but I think after feeling that way it would take a bit more time.
  • The fact that the medical pod could become a make shift hibernation pod after earlier saying that they needed extensive medical care before going into hibernation.

The trailer is a bit misleading, making it seem like there was a melavelont force who woke them up rather than what it was; an accident.

Despite these minor things it was an exciting film, making you care about the main characters and empathise with them having to make impossible decisions.

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