Buying Overwatch by Playing World of Warcraft

I’ve been a player of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft on and off since it’s release all the way back in 2004. The latest edition, Legion, has been one of the most enjoyable expansions to date and there’s an incredible amount of things to try out.

WoW is now just one of a number of Blizzard games available and a little while ago Blizzard added the option to exchange WoW Tokens, that are purchased with Gold (Warcraft’s in-game currency), for “balance” which can be used to purchase any digital product from their store.  This probably isn’t news to a lot of people but for some reason I have only just figured out that this means I could theoretically purchase Overwatch, just by playing Warcraft!

Overwatch is something I’ve been really interested in since the original teaser trailer over 2 years ago. I never got the chance to play it until recently when I was over at a friends house and I was able to test out some characters. I spent less than an hour playing and I loved it.

Given that I am attempting to reduce my “entertainment budget” I don’t want to just drop £30 on Overwatch… which is what gave me the idea to finally try and earn some serious Gold in WoW.

Each WoW Token is worth £10 in the store and currently the Token cost is around 214,000 Gold.  As I need 3 Tokens to buy Overwatch, I’ll need to earn at least 642,00 Gold in WoW. I say at least because the price fluctuates and has been as high as 240K each!


I am yet to figure out the fastest way to do this but I hope to complete this within the next month, hopefully much, much sooner. I shall start by farming the basic in-game materials and see where I go from there! I’ll be streaming my progress through Twitchso be sure to follow me on there!

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