Quick Tip! Canva: Online Drag and Drop Graphic Design

I’ve recently found a tool that could be incredibly useful for people who don’t have or, don’t know how to use Photoshop! Although I do… I gave it a try with my new site header. They also have all sorts of templates for basically any type of document or image including; Twitch , Twitter, Facebook…

Ed Builds a PC Part 2

It’s been a while since my last flurry of posts and actually putting this site together but I’ve finally found made┬átime to write some new content and actually use the PC I was so thrilled to write about in the first place. It’s been over three months since I received all of the parts to…

Hacksaw Ridge

“Have you ever looked into a goat’s eyes?”
“No Sarge”
“Good. That would be unnatural.”


Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim and Aurora, passengers on a space flight to Holmstead, a colonisation on a different planet 120 years from Earth.